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Book Review: Behind the Scenes by Dahlia Adler

Behind the Scenes by Dahlia Adler
Release Date: June 24, 2014
Publisher: Spencer Hill Press
Genre: Young Adult Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1939392978
Source: Bought
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High school senior Ally Duncan's best friend may be the Vanessa Park - star of TV's hottest new teen drama - but Ally's not interested in following in her BFF's Hollywood footsteps. In fact, the only thing Ally's ever really wanted is to go to Columbia and study abroad in Paris. But when her father's mounting medical bills threaten to stop her dream in its tracks, Ally nabs a position as Van's on-set assistant to get the cash she needs.

Spending the extra time with Van turns out to be fun, and getting to know her sexy co-star Liam is an added bonus. But when the actors' publicist arranges for Van and Liam to "date" for the tabloids just after he and Ally share their first kiss, Ally will have to decide exactly what role she's capable of playing in their world of make believe. If she can't play by Hollywood's rules, she may lose her best friend, her dream future, and her first shot at love.

What a fun read! As you can tell by the title of my blog, I am all about all things Hollywood. Yes, I was a casual reader of Dahlia's blog shortly before finding out about her debut novel, Behind the Scenes, at which point I knew I had to read it. And then when I found out what the book was about?! I pretty much leapt with joy. That is my kind of book, I thought. And now, after reading, I can say without hesitation that this book delivers everything I wanted and more!

Dahlia took a piece of Hollywood and gave us an up close and personal look at one of the tangled webs in that town that so many of us may have thought about. And I loved it! Oh my gosh, this was so exciting. And frustrating given the lovely yet lonely sacrifice and circumstance at hand but that conflict, seeing what people who love you will do for you without hesitation made for such a gripping tale and what a tale it is! And perfectly paced, I might add! Dahlia is a wonderful storyteller and a fantastic writer. Fantastic.

I connected with all of the characters right away and that, my friend, is not easy to do. Go, Dahlia! I was rooting for Ally and Liam on every page and was more emotionally invested than I anticipated. I don't read a lot of contemporary novels and I especially don't read many novels heavy on the romance (it just typically doesn't move me, I'm not really a romantic) but I am so, so glad that I read this because this moved me. And not only was I rooting for Ally and Liam but I absolutely love that this book is about friendship and family just as much as it is about the romance. I love how Dahlia addressed the fears and desires that each of her characters have in more than just one aspect of their lives. These characters are three dimensional and demand to be heard and I love that! What a marvelous job here.

Other things worth mentioning... I loved The Grove mention, as it's always exciting to know of and have been to actual settings that are in novels (Side note: I can't wait to move back to LA, whenever that is, so I can shop there again). As well as using upfronts (I've gone to a few, more on that here) to further the plot. Way to win over a TV girl's heart! Dahlia knows her stuff.

With her characters, her setting, her story, she gave her all and delivered the goods...and best of all, the heart behind all of that hard work shines through and with that, I couldn't have asked for more. I was captivated by every word and read this book in two sittings. It would have been one had I not actually needed to get to sleep for a very long day of work ahead. My advice to you is to read this when you know you have four or five hours to completely devote to this because once you fall into this, you'll fall hard. And the next thing you know, it will be over. But this story will have resonated with you so it will have been so worth it. Behind the Scenes is my favorite contemporary read of the year. So if you need any more reason to read this, that's it!

Finally, I must share my favorite line, which is actually in the acknowledgements:
I am eternally grateful to have grown up in a family that always made me feel achieving this particular dream was not an "if" but a "when."

Behind the Scenes by Dahlia Adler is available today.

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TV Talk: Week in Review '14 - '15 #7

Reviews for Fall TV Shows & Specials Which Aired
October 12, 2014 - October 18, 2014

* New series in CAPS
* Reviews May Contain Spoilers

Note: I will not be reviewing Talking Dead or Comic Book Men.

Once Upon a Time (ABC) - Episode 4.03 "Rocky Road"

First, Dairy Queen! Ha! That was hilarious. Second, Emma used her power! Go, Emma! Long time, no see. Third, I don't know why it didn't faze me until now just how perfect Scott Michael Foster (Greek) is as Kristoff. He's perfect. Fourth, memory loss is getting old on this show. Really old. C'mon! I get how it actually works quite well in this story line but still. Agh!

Fifth, Elsa and Anna's Aunt is the snow queen?! What! What! What! So who is their mother? They can't leave us hanging like that. I need to know now more than ever who their mother is! Nice that they went the Aunt route and not the predictable, mom route. I don't know what's more shocking though, the snow queen's relation to the girls or that Anna may have trapped Elsa before!

Finally, what is the snow queen's relation to Emma? I am terrible at guessing things so I am super curious to know what everyone else thinks. Also, this is off topic but is anyone else ready for Emma to get a new jacket?

The Walking Dead (AMC) - Episode 5.01 "No Sanctuary"

Be sure to read my recap/review of the season five premiere over at OMFGTV!

Resurrection (ABC) - Episode 2.03 "Multiple"

Great episode! What was the deal with the cop who was hiding his resurrected brother? I'm sure he had bittersweet feelings about his brother being back but his brother was a jerk! It's not easy to stand up to a bully, especially a brother who is blackmailing you, and they might be grown adults but clearly haven't worked through some things. Still, I root for the cop to take a stand. Is it wrong that he killed his brother who was technically already dead? Is the cop going to kill his older brother every time he returns? Why not hand him over to the FBI or whoever wanted the resurrected before and move (even if it means downsizing) while he's at it to avoid interacting with him? I think moving would be less stressful and detrimental than staying.

Meanwhile, Bellamy is trying get his body but can only gain access to it if and when he helps out Donna Murphy's character and gets some serious intel on the happenings of the town. Which brings me to the fact that yes, this resurrection may have happened before and yes, they may have indeed been murders. But now that the bones have been confiscated by Donna's people...will we ever find out who the murderer is? It seems like it's someone we already know? Perhaps Henry? Ah. I don't know, I'm just guessing, terribly. What do you think?

Photo Credit: ABC

GOTHAM (FOX) - Episode 1.04 "Arkham"

So, aside from getting to see the one and only Arkham Asylum, there was nothing particularly noteworthy about this week's episode. Gordon's love life was questionable. Fish Mooney was up to no good, as usual. This time recruiting a female weapon. And the Penguin returned to Gotham, momentarily freaking Gordon out. Even though the episode as a whole wasn't as memorable as I would have liked all around, it's definitely a necessary piece to the puzzle as the show builds up to what is sure to be a crazy 22 episode season, previously 16 episode season. Congratulations on the full season pick up! Excited for more Gotham coming our way!

SCORPION (CBS) - Episode 1.04 "Shorthanded"

This case of the week leads the team to a Vegas casino...right before it gets taken hostage for a short moment. My favorite part? When the team had to figure out how the criminals escaped and end up in dire need to escape themselves. Which led to zip lining! Sylvester had his high pressure moment in a previous episode and now most of the others had theirs. Rightfully so. It looked terrifying! So, aside from a handful of high stress and comical moments, there wasn't really anything in this episode that made it stand out.

The Blacklist (NBC) - Episode 2.04 "Dr. Linus Creel"

"Go get it boy!" *laughs* "City dog." - Red

When innocent citizens begin to go on killing sprees, mind control comes into play and the FBI has quite a case on their hands. Liz steps up to the plate and goes farther than any one of us would ever go to take down the guy, Dr. Linus Creel, who is responsible for it all. Go, Liz! On the Red front, he's busy trying to get Naomi & her husband to leave town & never come back so that he can protect them. The lengths Red will go! Wow! I really enjoyed this episode.

Castle (ABC) - Episode 7.03 "Clear & Present Danger"

Another forgettable episode of TV this week. Sunday night TV was phenomenal but most of Monday night's TV was pretty bland. I lost interest in this week's Castle half way in and decided to pick up a book instead. Didn't finish this episode and I don't plan on it.

The Voice (NBC) - Episode 7.07 & 7.08 "The Battles Premiere"

The battle round has begun! Joining the coaches for the battle round: Gavin Rossdale joined his wife, Gwen, Stevie Nicks came aboard Team Adam, Alicia Keys joined Pharrell, and Little Big Town helped mentor Team Blake. Performing against each other on Team Pharrell were Maiya Sykes and Elyjuh Rene singing Alicia Keys's "If I Ain't Got You." Both are talented but I wasn't moved by Maiya so I was rooting for Elyjuh. I love the way that Elyjuh makes every song his own. And his tone is beautiful. I'm so happy he made it through this round! Then, Griffin and Luke Wade performed "Maybe I'm Amazed" which is not really a song I like seeing other people perform. It just doesn't do anything for me in the way that the original does. You know? So while the performance was slightly entertaining, I didn't find either voice to be a standout. Anyway, Pharrell chose Luke while Blake and Gwen fought over stealing Griffin and Blake expected.

On the second night of the premiere, Pharrell paired Taylor Phelan with Jordy and Taylor was without a doubt, one of my favorites during the blind auditions. I don't remember Jordy during the blind auditions but his voice is fantastic! I can totally hear him on the radio. But I love Taylor! Ah, man. This one was just beyond. It was my favorite performance from night two of the battle premiere. It was super tough for Pharrell I'm sure but Taylor won this round! Woo! I really wanted someone to steal Jordy but no takers. Hopefully this is far from the last we'll see/hear from Jordy.

Next up? Chris Jameson and Jonathan Wyndham were two standouts from Team Adam in the blind auditions so I was bummed to see them battling against each other. But when they performed a Bruno Mars number... from the moment Chris opened his mouth, Jonathan didn't stand a chance! Alessandra and Joe were up on night two. They sang a Rihanna song but even before they performed, again, it was no question that Alessandra would win.

Jean Kelley and Sugar Jones were definite favorites for me on Team Gwen so to see these two pitted against each other made me so, so sad! There really needed to be steal this time around. And I am so, so, so glad that there was! Sugar Jones has such a powerful voice and Jean has such a powerful story and bringing those two out, making sure that their stage presence and timing for this song ("Survivor" by Destiny's Child) were on point was a challenge and seeing everything come together made for such a very exciting battle to see! This was easily my favorite battle to watch of the premiere. Wow. Gwen kept Sugar. Adam and Pharrell fought over Jean and Jean ended up choosing Pharrell. Woot! I cannot wait to see what he does for her! Amanda Lee Peers and Taylor John Williams were next up from Team Gwen to battle it out. Both were stand outs in the blind auditions so this was a battle worth anticipating. I think this song was perfect for Amanda Lee but Taylor's voice is magical and really there's no competition here so it was great to see Taylor win this battle.

Gwen paired Menlik Zergabachew with Troy Ritchie. I was a big fan of Troy during the blind auditions but I know how much Gwen loves Menlik and his style, so this was a toss up. Surprisngly, Gwen chose Troy! Yes! Also, does Troy remind anyone of Adam Chanler-Berat (Next to Normal musical)? Anyway, Menlik wasn't left hanging. Adam and Pharrell were ready to steal him and Menlik chose Pharrell. No shocker there! Again, very excited to see what Pharrell does.

Lastly, Team Blake! Craig Wayne Boyd (whom I don't remember in the blind auditions) went against James David Carter singing "Wave On Wave." Both of them had great voices but I think I took James more seriously and I hate to say this but because he just looked like a regular Joe whereas Craig was like too much of a showman and that turned me off. I was happy to see James win. And something tells me Craig, who was stolen by Gwen, will be just fine no matter how far he continues to go in this competition.

Since night two was one hour instead of two, we didn't get to see a handful of battles but by the looks of it, we didn't miss too much. So. Not really disappointed there. Tuesday night at 9 o'clock is a busy hour anyway on TV. The less two hour episodes, the better. I'm just glad Rebekah from Team Adam won her battle.


It's the first day of shooting Private Dick and Jason approaches Ryan about his crappy supporting role. Jason backs out but decides not to let something this petty be the end all...only when he returns to the set, he finds that Ryan has replaced him with Robert Buckley. Ha! It was fun getting to see filming of two scenes from Private Dick, one of which included Francis, Percy, and other Veronica Mars favorites. Also, is "Hear no Weevil, see no Weevil" one of the best lines of this web series? I think so.

Photo Credit: ABC/Kelsey McNeal

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC)
Episode 2.04 "I Will Face My Enemy"

May kicked butt in this episode! The she was knocked out and her identity was temporarily stolen and her role in Shield momentarily compromised. My heart broke when Phil poured his heart out to May, asking her to be the one to take him out when the time came and take over Shield. Ah! But soon after, he tested May and made sure she was indeed May. Smart move since she wasn't! Which led to the best fight scene so far this season! May vs. Impostor May. That was exhilarating! But back to Phil for a moment. It seems his brain is still out of sorts and things are not getting any better. So what will May do in the end? Will Coulson die for good this time? Or will she indeed save him and send him to a faraway place where no one will ever find him like she plans?

19 Kids & Counting (TLC) - Episodes 14.11 "Wedding Countdown!"

It's the final countdown until the big wedding! Jill and Derick needed some furniture for their home though so they went to an auction to get some good deals. I can't say that I'd get a used mattress but aside from that, this is a pretty good idea for buying used and saving the difference. After this, we see the family helping them move the furniture in, Josh and Anna coming to town for the wedding and picking out a car (loaned) for Jill and Derick's wedding getaway car, and the girls getting their nails done for the big day. Michelle talking about nails and wraps and nail art reminded me of me and how clueless I am (which is hilarious considering I have gotten my nails done enough times to know these things and still don't).

New Girl (FOX) - Episode 4.05 "Landline"

"Schmidt, your dry cleaning company called, your socks are ready!" - Nick

When a building being built next door causes their building to have bad cell reception, Jess has the idea to bring in a landline phone. In 2014. About ten years after everyone actively used them. Cue the funny! I loved the "Where do you put your music?" line! That was too perfect. Absolute perfection. Everything about this storyline rocked. This is actually the first episode of season four that I laughed continuously. The funny was definitely brought.

All sorts of memories come up when it comes to us using landlines, one of which being nosy people. Winston being coy when Nick asked him about a incredibly funny! Nick playing secretary for everyone was truly one of the most hilarious things I've seen on this show. He was so genuinely excited about this new task that he brought upon or accepted himself. Ha ha.

At school, Coach is dating numerous women on staff at Jess's school, one of which is played by Angela Kinsey (The Office) so that was fun to see. Jess, as the vice principal, has to set boundaries... and lead by example - which is easy until a new gorgeous British teacher makes his way to the school. I hope this isn't the last we see of him! What do you think?

The Mindy Project (FOX) - Episode 3.05 "The Devil Wears Lands' End"

So Mindy decides she must bond with the hospital director played by guest star, Niecy Nash after she creates a scene at a meeting. She takes her out for a girl's night out only Nash's character thinks that it's more than that! Things spiral out of control from there. It's quite funny.

Meanwhile, Peter takes Jeremy to Dartmouth's beer pong competition where none other than Shonda Rhimes is the competition! It was so exciting to see Shonda in front of the screen instead of behind the scenes but aside from that, this story line was kind of awkward given Peter doesn't even like Jeremy very much given the girlfriend ordeal. What did you think of this episode?

Photo Credit: Jordin Althaus / FOX

Arrow (The CW) - Episode 3.02 "Sara"

Oliver jumps into work mode after finding out that Sara has died and Laurel played the "my dad is the Captain of the police dept, so let me through" card to get further clues, trying to find out who killed her sister. Go, Laurel!

We also got a flashback from five years ago when Oliver was in China and Tommy was this close to finding out that Oliver was alive and well. What! I can't believe he was faced with that but I shouldn't be surprised. The people Oliver comes in contact with are ruthless.

Then, that ending! Yikes! Malcolm is grooming Thea to become...nothing good from what anyone of us can guess. What if Laurel does step into Sara's role and later this season it's Laurel vs. Thea? Whoa! How crazy would THAT be?! So what did you think of tonight's episode?

Modern Family (ABC) - Episode 6.04 "Marco Polo"

Great episode! I loved the overall theme of what it means to be there for the people you love, what it means to be selfless. It was executed so well! But really, this show pretty much always hits the mark so that was no surprise.

First, Claire, Phil, and the kids were off to a nearby hotel for a night while their mold issue at the house was being taken care of and you'll never guess who couldn't hang! Even funnier is Phil's reaction. Ha! But it's not all laughs as the kids come to a realization and it will tug at your heart, what they do next!

Second, Jay and Gloria find out that Manny has a girlfriend. His first! Only she breaks his heart. And you'll be surprised by how Gloria handles this entire situation! I was not expecting her to take such a backseat but the lady knows when to pull back. She does. Finally, Cam wants Mitchell to support him at his games only to find out that Mitchell is bad luck! Ha! I love it when Cam and Mitchell don't come outright and say things, it makes for such hilarious comedic moments! Ah, man. Absolutely hilarious. It's scary how relatable this episode was tonight. But that's what makes it so funny. It gives us a moment to laugh at our ridiculousness and try again!

BLACK-ISH (ABC) - Episode 1.04 "Crazy Mom"

"You are a praise junkie!" - Rainbow

This show keeps it so real! I love that it dives into all of the issues families face everyday. One of those issues? Credit. Dre trying to get credit and have his back scratched for things he ought to be doing in the first place was hysterical! We can all relate! If you're not the one rolling your eyes and grumbling about the person who is a complete lazy butt, then you are that lazy butt who needs to be congratulated when you do ONE or TWO tasks and step up to the plate momentarily in that little thing called responsibility.

Dre handing out cupcakes at the school made me laugh harder than I ever thought I could. And then, Rainbow, with so much free time, didn't know what to do with herself and tried to hang out with her children who all dismissed her! Oh my goodness, I sure got a good laugh out of this week's episode.

"The problem is, you're trying to be a mom and you're being all crazy with it. Yelling at teachers for teaching! Forks and spoons all willy nilly!" - Pops

Back to Dre, he's on quite a high after the cupcake love from the kids at school and thinks that that's how things will be all of the time when he does stuff. He finds out the hard way that THAT is SO not the case. He gets a very small taste of the fact that when you actually are consistently responsible, you almost never get acknowledged because it just becomes expected from you as the good person you (supposed?) to be... which is also quite unhealthy as the opposite because never being acknowledged is quite damaging to the spirit.

Everybody wants to be acknowledged, it's simply finding the right balance of acknowledgement (so people don't get a big head and do stay on track) and accepting the fact that sometimes, you will be the unsung hero and that's okay too because you know you put it in the work. Anyway, great episode! Probably one of my favorites!

Episode 1.05
"So Tell Me What You Want, What You Really, Really Want"

This week, we got some Charlie backstory through flashbacks from the night of the car accident with his dad which led up to the present day when Charlie is about to be transferred due to his mother finding out about his estranged father visiting. I don't know what Nurse Jackson is up to but her blood switcheroo may keep Charlie right where he's at. Yeah?

We also follow Jordi as he takes the steps he needs to take to be emancipated, Dash as he goes on a surprise mission to make the red band crew smile, and Emma who is still mad at Leo for kissing Kara at the homecoming dance. Ooo! It seems Kara needs to make a choice of who she wants to be with before things get ugly. Another gripping episode full of so much heart and truly, what's better than that? Gosh, I love this show.

American Horror Story: Freak Show (FX)
Episode 4.02 "Massacres and Matinees"

Thanks to the murders in town, a curfew is put in place, which is of course, not good for the circus. Still, some people come through which brings us to Jessica Lange, Angela Bassett, and Michael Chiklis who are perfection on this show. With the idea for a matinee, Chiklis's character also brings trouble. Uh oh!

I can't mention them all without dear Frances. Frances Conroy is divine. And wow! I was not expecting to see Patti LaBelle in an episode of American Horror Story! What a surprise! It makes me wonder what other guest stars and cameos are down the line this season. Anyway, Frances's character, Gloria may not have made the smartest decision inviting a clown walking down the street home to cheer up her (bratty) son, Dandy. She led Dandy right down the road of destruction. Handed him his most evil desires on a platter. Basically, it doesn't look good for anybody next week!

Photo Credit: The CW

The Vampire Diaries (The CW) - Episode 6.03 "Welcome to Paradise"

"You think my temper's bad with her? I like her. You? Not so much." - Damon

Stefan makes his way back home for revenge and the guys are taking care of a vampire hunter and there's drama and all that good stuff - how do you feel about Caroline's feelings for Stefan? - but really, I was so much more interested in two characters and only two characters this entire episode. It will probably be this way until they return to where they belong. If you guessed Bonnie and Damon, you are correct.

"I'm sorry I called you the most annoying person in the world! I hadn't met him yet." - Damon

Bonnie, the woman that she is, notices everything that's happening around her and oblivious Damon. It isn't until Damon stumbles upon someone named Ky in the supermarket that he is forced to believe what Bonnie has been saying for some time now... that someone else is there with them. And Ky is trying to kill Damon. Well.

Bonnie comes to the rescue. She may not have been able to spark any magic out of her all this time but Damon's life being in danger sure sparked something. Turns out Kay did what he did to lure hem both since Bonnie's magic is the key to getting them all out of this bizarre place. Uh huh. Truth or not...Caroline and Bonnie are the rocks this season and I can't tell you how much I love that and I can't wait to see what's next.

The Biggest Loser (NBC) - Episode 16.06 "The Tailgate"

On the 10th Anniversary of The Biggest Loser, the show decided to make the contestants's temptation an eating competition. Eat the most number of calories from food served at tailgating gatherings and win immunity at the next weigh in which will include a red line. Two things. One, does this red line just magically appear whenever the producers feel like it or something? Why not just keep the red line every week? Seriously. Two. I am so glad less than a handful of contestants had enough confidence in themselves to not give into the temptation. Good for them!

My biggest concern though? The number of episodes this season. This season could run to December or February. It's unclear if this season will have as little as 12-13 episodes or as many as 19-21 episodes. My hope is that this show ends in December because I am going to be taking it off of my watch list after this season and I'd like for the season to end as soon as possible so I can at least finish out the season without it dragging on and on.

I just can't get with this season, especially with what they're doing even after the finale disaster of last year. The voting. One of the new trainers being almost a carbon copy of Jillian. And other things just have me itching to stop watching. I knew Loser wouldn't be the same after last season's finale, I just wasn't ready to accept it because I knew it would be different good or different bad and unfortunately it's not different good, which is what I was afraid of. Bob, separate from the production drama as much as possible, is all thats keeping me tuned in at this point.

Photo Credit: ABC

Grey's Anatomy (ABC) - Episode 11.04 "Only Mama Knows"

Sparked by the revelation of Maggie being her sister, Meredith takes a day to research her mother by watching old videos and reading her journals. What she finds (much of which we see through flashbacks) reveals so much about not only how Maggie came about but how Ellis and Richard actually ended things.

Basically, this is one of the best examples of continuity and how to do it right and planning and planting seeds and waiting for the right time to make that story bloom. As a writer and as a viewer, I am in awe of how Shonda and the writers executed this story line, more on that here.

Yes, I've said before that I'm not a huge fan of Maggie and that's true. I love the Ellis-Richard love child story line but that on top of Mer having Lexie (and Molly) as siblings too is overkill at this point. I know people remarry and have kids and I know people cheat and have kids and that having all of these kids is totally plausible. As a viewer though, I admit I am tired and no longer moved by this kind of drama so it's hard for me to root for, say, Maggie.

But I respect the groundwork of this story line and only wish that it had come sooner than season eleven. Because so many of us always thought about a love child between the two. Why wait SO incredibly long? Regardless, the hug between Derek and Maggie was so beautiful! And Meredith finally coming around to Maggie at the end. Yes. It's about time. That short period of tug of war was so painful. So. Long story short. As much as I have been conflicted, what an absolutely fantastic episode. Talk about bringing things full circle.

Scandal (ABC) - Episode 4.04 "The Bleep"

"You are not Olivia, you will never be Olivia..." - Cyrus

Olivia does Fitz a favor, getting Fitz's daughter, Karen out of a party she slipped away from the secret service to get to only to find out that she now has a job thanks to Karen's sex tape! Watching the gladiators try to narrow down the people Karen slept with? No words. Talk about a scandal! And then the greedy parents who didn't want to hand over the sex tape without over $2 million. WHAT. I can understand taking advantage of the opportunity and asking for some money but millions? Wow. And then asking for more right before the agreement was going to be set? Yeah, exploitation is right, Olivia! She set them straight. So glad she did.

Hiding the truth from Momma Mellie? Gosh! That was hilarious and sad all at the same time. Funny how as soon as she saw Olivia in the halls, she knew something was going down and something wasn't right. Man oh man. Well, this was Karen's one free pass. She used it well. But the girl is grieving the loss of her brother. It was only a matter of time before she broke. So sad.

Meanwhile, Rowan is trying to get rid of Jake. Oop! And Olivia tells Fitz that she went away with Jake. Oooo! And finally, a secret service agent tells Rowan that Jake gave him the order to kill Fitz's son. Okay, I seriously cannot wait to see how all of these developments continue to play out. Talk about scandalous. Truly living up to the show's name in every line, in every scene of this show. So good! Ah!

GRACEPOINT (FOX) - Episode 3

Problems. One. If you were investigating a death by a body of water, wouldn't one of the first things that would pop into your head be the possibility of the evidence being swept away or at bay? Why are we at episode three and Ellie is just now saying this?

Two. Why was Mark texting a friend asking him to be his alibi? Why would you send that over a text message? How stupid is that! Why is he asking for an alibi for the night of his son's murder? Whatever you were doing (typical affair by the way) isn't as terrible as your son dying. Just tell everyone where you were at! Face up to your seedy ways and either fix or end your marriage. You were going to have to face that sooner or later whether your son's life was lost or not. Real talk.

And then when he returned home and his daughter confronted him about being arrested...guess what he said? "Ah, just a little mix up." What?! Just a little mix up? Ha! I cannot. Trying to make something so heavy so lighthearted. A little mix up. Wow.

Three. Why is Ellie more concerned about the town if Mark happens to be the killer than the Solano family? Get a grip. The town is important, yes, but this is your best friend's family. You should be doing everything in your power to go through whatever motions need to be gone through while investigating and cooperate so you can get past the possibility of any family members being suspects and dig deeper. I can understand trying to play all sides to see if Carver will come around and not point all fingers at Mark but one minute with Carver and even I can see that's not going to happen.

What I did like? Beth locking it down after the agent assigned to watch her told her that Mark was arrested. As soon as her daughter started freaking out, she pulled her aside and told her to get a grip. From now on, it's Beth and her and that's the way it's going to be now that Mark is a suspect and the police are getting down to work. Go, Beth! She's not withholding in the sense that she's making the case difficult for the cops, she is holding onto her peace. Because that's all that's left worth holding onto at this point.

On another note, I know people are comparing this to the original British show, Broadchurch, as expected. But since I haven't seen that, all I can think about is how much more compelling The Killing is than this. Thoughts?

Parenthood (NBC) - Episode 6.04 "A Potpourri of Freaks"

This week, Hank tells his ex wife that Sarah is a part of his life and will be a part of their daughter's. Go, Hank! Don't let your ex rule your life when you're in a healthy relationship with Sarah (even if I'm not a fan of you to begin with haha I still root for the right thing).

Then there's Kristina who deals with a challenging student at school. Yikes. And Max may have a crush! Does this remind anybody of Manny and his first girlfriend over on Modern Family? I see another trend this TV season!

Now we're almost halfway through the final season and is it just me or are Crosby and Jasmine not getting a ton of screen time? This week, they finally got quite a bit but it took four episodes and it was only and I use the word "only" lightly because it is a big deal though it was only in regards to Crosby getting into his motorcycle accident. Never mind the fact that there was no Amber. And when are going to see Haddie last this season?

Saving the most heartbreaking for last, Julia is ready to tell the kids that she's not getting back together with Joel. Oh! They end up telling Sydney that they don't know what the future holds for them which brings me to saying that I am SO interested in seeing where we leave these two when this show airs its series finale. I've said it before but I just can't stop thinking about it every time this show is on. Anyway, another solid episode!

Episode 1.04 "Let's Get to Scooping"

Check out my recap and thoughts on the latest HTGAWM episode over at OMFGTV!

Haven (Syfy) - Episode 5.06 "The Old Switcheroo Part 2"

Nathan goes commando! Okay, but really, Nathan and Duke are still in each other's bodies as well as Gloria and Dwight...and Dave and Vince. A sick love story between a husband, wife, and the husband's brother is the cause behind this body switching trouble and it was exciting to finally get some backstory on this trouble. I say "finally" loosely as I've really enjoyed the pacing of the storytelling this season.

Nathan is still in quite a bit of trouble himself though, his body about to explode if Duke doesn't release another trouble for him. Well, they get the bright idea to release a certain trouble out on Mara so that Audrey will come out. I didn't realize they could so easily pick the trouble Nathan could release. Seems a little too convenient for me. Even though it didn't exactly work in their favor...until it did at the end of the episode. Nice! Ahh! So now we have Audrey AND Mara! What! How is this going to work?! And by that I mean how long are we going to get Mara and Audrey sharing the small screen together? Gosh, that's a TON of work for Emily Rose. We appreciate it, girl. Do your thing!

Z NATION (Syfy) - Episode 1.06 "Resurrection Z"

Garnett runs into a pre-zombies friend who is now running his own safe haven. The gang is let inside, once they hand over all of their weapons. Yikes! That's never a good sign. Which leads to the unfortunate moment when his friend lets back in a group of kids who previously left, only to return from a cult to wreak havoc on the safe haven!

The zombie breakout happens right when Garnett and Warren are just getting started having their own fun so they were lucky to make it out alive! At least out of the bedroom. It was sad to see Garnett bite the dust but I was just glad it wasn't Addy yet. Anyway, Murphy saved the crew from this crazy cult so it was just good that we only lost one person this week. I wonder how many will be left by the end of the season! They are dropping like flies!

Speaking of Murphy. Uh oh. The crew was having doubts about the vaccine working on him in the beginning of the episodes and now we see that the zombies aren't even going after him. This means as much good as it does concern. Any theories for what will become of Murphy and how that will affect the future?

Premieres Next Week (October 19, 2014 - October 25, 2014)
The 100 (The CW) Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Grimm (NBC) Friday, October 24, 2014
CONSTANTINE (NBC) Friday, October 24, 2014

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

TV Talk: Face Off Episode 7.13 "Beautiful Disaster"

Photo Credit: Brett-Patrick Jenkins

This week, host, McKenzie Westmore took the final five to the War of the Worlds plane crash site on the Universal Studios backlot to reveal their next spotlight challenge. Which was quite an interesting mash up! Fairies. Cig was not too thrilled about that. Totally not his style. Fairies aren't for everyone. Beauty makeups don't interest everyone. But he could make a killer fairy, we all knew, so I wasn't too worried about his lack of enthusiasm here.

But what about the wow factor of the challenge? Well, they had to create their own elemental fairy born from the destruction caused by its element (fire, water, earth, and air). George was also not too thrilled about this challenge, moreso because he was intimidated by the challenge of creating something pretty (the fairy) and then incorporating a disaster within it. Totally understandable. I'd be concerned too! There was also more doubt thrust upon him when Michael Westmore came in to inspect everyone's designs and mentor them along the way. So, this was probably one of the more stressful weeks for George, I'd say. Yikes!

I'm quite fascinated with natural disasters so I absolutely loved this aspect of the challenge. Fairies are hit or miss for me so I was very intrigued with seeing how each artist was going to bring these two concepts together. Cig chose avalanche. Drew picked earthquake. Stella chose wildfire. Dina picked flood and George settled on oil spill.

Cig was the one who wasn't all that excited at first about this challenge yet he turned out making the absolute best look. The best. His final look was exquisite. It's no surprise his look was the top look from the judges. Go, Cig! Dina aced her concept and did a wonderful job but for some reason, I just didn't connect with her look at all this week. Still, her look was beautiful and she did a fabulous job. I don't think George's look had enough makeup in the sense that it seemed too simple. That said, I loved the look head to toe and think that he also aced his concept - even though I was expecting something more drastic for earthquake.

As for the bottom looks? From a distance, I loved Drew and Stella's designs but up close, the makeup jobs were not smooth. Taking into account Stella's troubles this week and Drew's last minute troubles, they'd get a pass...if no one had to be eliminated. Which one of them had to be. That one was Stella. No! I really wanted her to stay this week! No. No. No. Ugh. Eliminations were tough this week. And last. Gosh. Stella and Sasha both gone. No! So sad. Ugh.

Also, there are a few episodes of Charmed that I'd love to mash up so these fairies from Face Off could magically go back in time and live on this show.

Face Off airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Syfy.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

TV Talk: Week in Review '14 - '15 #6

Reviews for Fall TV Shows & Specials Which Aired
October 5, 2014 - October 11, 2014

* New series in CAPS
* Reviews May Contain Spoilers

Note: I will not be reviewing Bob’s Burgers and Supernatural as I do not watch them in a timely manner and I will also not be reviewing THE FLASH aside from the Pilot due to time constraints.

Photo Credit: ABC

Once Upon a Time (ABC) - Episode 4.02 "White Out"

"Surviving isn't living." - Anna

Elsa caused a blackout in Storybrooke! By freezing off the exit to keep everyone inside while she finds Anna! Turns out the big exit is cavelike and when Emma and David walk upon it, Elsa gets scared and causes a bit of an avalanche, trapping herself and Emma inside. Yikes! That may have been an accident on Elsa's part but once we realize that they're both okay, she threatens to freeze the town and everyone in it if no one helps her find Elsa. Whoa! She's a much more demanding Elsa, that's for sure. I love how they took this little quality of hers and expanded upon it. That said, Elsa would never do such a thing, she's just fronting! Which is why she freaks out when Emma passes out from the cold.

I actually thought it was more exciting seeing Anna cross paths with David in the enchanted forest! Can I just say, pre Prince Charming David looks pretty darn good. Anyway, David has quite a past with Bo Peep, the most powerful warlord in the region! Unfortunately it's not the good kind and he owes Bo Peep but he can't pay her back and Bo Peep shows no mercy so David accepts his loss instead of fighting. But Anna! Oh, Anna! This scene, when Anna teaches David how to sword fight and she keeps pressing him to fight... one of my favorites scenes!

Now one of the reasons why I absolutely love this show is that the writers ace continuity and bring their characters full circle in both the faraway lands which they are from and Storybrooke. I absolutely loved seeing Bo Peep in the enchanted forest many years ago and seeing what has become of her in present day Storybrooke. That's what I'm talking about. And and and, the actress who plays Bo Peep, Robin Weigert is fantastic!

Love that David and Anna were a step ahead of Bo Peep! Woo! Go Anna for encouraging David to take the leap. It's refreshing seeing such a change in dynamics and instead of showing the knight in shining armor we saw a woman save a man. That's what happened here. Without Anna, David would have settled for being one of Bo Peep's sheep. I loved that this happened before he learned to be that knight in shining armor. I love that this may have been a pivotal moment that led to what he later became. That speaks volumes.

Another favorite scene that I must mention? Snow having a moment in front of some of the dwarfs after they asked her for help with the blackout since everyone looks to her as acting mayor now. That was executed so well! But the best part?! Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost) is the snow queen! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!! I cannot wait to see this! She sure chose the perfect time to rise, as she's about to wreck havoc and place the blame all on Elsa! It won't work, Queen! It won't work. I am so excited to see Mitchell play someone evil! What! How often does THAT happen?! Ah, I am so excited!

This episode was so great! I loved it! Loved it!

Resurrection (ABC) - Episode 2.02 "Echoes"

Last week, there were falling birds on Haven and this week, a bird fell from the sky within the first minute on Resurrection. Let the TV trends begin. Anyway, I love that Jacob is the one with the bright idea to see how long it takes for a dead being to come alive again. It sucks that he had to do it in secret though. Oh, the troubles of being a child. Anyway, the episode overall was interesting but whoa! That ending! What a cliffhanger! I cannot wait until next week's episode!

Photo Credit: Jessica Miglio/FOX

GOTHAM (FOX) - Episode 1.03 "The Balloonman"

Watching Gordon and Selina together is so exciting! I love knowing what we know about what becomes of her and watching her as a child, essentially playing cat and mouse with Gordon. But that's not really what this episode is about. Actually, what this episode is about didn't really stand out for me but I did appreciate select moments. Gordon and Selina. David Zayas (Dexter) popping up and interacting with the Penguin.

SCORPION (CBS) - Episode 1.03 "A Cyclone"

"Be determined to have a great day...and you will." - Paige

Okay, so, this episode was totally unoriginal and completely predictable and we all know that I can get past that if the storytelling is compelling and there's heart but this episode just fell flat on all accounts for me. Plus, I couldn't help but think throughout the entire episode, "So... I see they're still not serializing the show."

I have no idea what the plans are for this show but if case by the week IS the plan, season one will be the first and only season I will be watching. The show overall is good and has potential to remain this way but to stay afloat among all of the ten million shows that I watch, I need a really good reason to keep this on my watch list after season one. So. Two out of Three episodes ain't bad. Let's see how the rest of the season plays out.

The Blacklist (NBC) - Episode 2.03 "Dr. James Covington"

Whoa! Okay! Way to start an episode! And then BAM! It was all a dream! Ack! What a tease! Dream aside, let's talk about TV trends for a second. Scorpion had someone get hit by a bus if I remember correctly and here on The Blacklist, someone has gotten hit while on their motorcycle. If there's one trend I could go without this season, it's seeing people get hit by cars.

Anyway, I loved that Elizabeth had to take down or um reel in a doctor who had the best intentions but went about achieving those intentions in a shady way. I love a good moral dilemma. This was definitely a good one!

Also... that ending! What! Mary Louise Parker's character is more acquainted with Red than we thought! I'm terrible at guessing things but I knew there was a reason she was sticking around. I can't wait until we get to find out the secrets she's holding, secrets that may help Elizabeth put some personal pieces to her story together.

Castle (ABC) - Episode 7.02 "Montreal"

Well, well, well. Quite a bit development in the Castle disappearance mystery. A lead takes Castle and Alexis to Montreal and they discover a memory card and letters to Beckett, Alexis, and Castle's mother written by Castle himself! Wow! So not only is it a mystery as to why he was in Montreal and how he made it there and who he was with and why but it's also very concerning to find these letters. So mysterious!

And then for it all to lead up to finding out that Castle went through great lengths to not remember what happened to him... hmm. Immediately reminding me that I don't care about this storyline going on longer than it needs to. So. Hopefully this will be it until this story needs to come full circle later in the season. Seed planted. Let's move on while the plant grows.

The Voice (NBC) - Episode 7.05 Blind Auditions (Skipped Episode 7.06)

As the blind auditions came to an end, I found a few more favorites! Brittany Butler and Beth Spangler stood out in the first hour of Monday night! In the second hour, I found Mayra's voice to be so beautiful! And Chandra was good as well though with the coaches being so picky towards the end, I could understand why no one turned their chair. Overall, I thought the coaches' picks for their teams were well chosen, give or take a few but I think the battle rounds will handle the rest! Now I didn't watch episode 7.06 as it was simply a "Best Of" the blind auditions which I did not need to see again. Ain't nobody got time for that!


If you're looking for a good laugh, check out what Francis Capra has become in this week's episode of Play It Again, Dick. This version of Francis is one of those overdramatic "all about the heart" actors and it's hilarious! I loved it! And of course, Francis is in for Ryan's show. Next, Ryan tries to get Ken Marino to write the script to his show! Ha! Hysterical! I was cracking up! That exchange was hilarious for so many reasons! Also, nice iZombie reference bringing in Robert Buckley (One Tree Hill, Lipstick Jungle) for a cameo as he'll be starring in the upcoming CW show which I am very excited about watching! Anyway, this show gets even more hysterical as each week passes. Love it!

Photo Credit: The CW

THE FLASH (The CW) - Episode 1.01 "Pilot"

I never read The Flash so I have nothing to base this show off of. I will say that the Pilot episode was basic groundwork, nothing special, I was't impressed and it wasn't all that compelling. I was more excited about the brief Arrow crossover as well as seeing Jesse L. Martin (Rent) and Danielle Panabaker (Sky High) on this show! I love these two! Even though Panabaker's character seems two dimensional now, I really am glad Panabaker herself is on the show.

So...decent introduction to the show but I am really looking forward to more compelling storytelling and watching the characters get fleshed out. Can't do all of that in the very first episode of a show all of the time and this is one of those instances. So I'm willing to stick around for awhile and see where all of this goes. Based on that ending, I'm even more intrigued!

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC)
Episode 2.03 "Making Friends and Influencing People"

I love how much more involved all of the characters are getting when it comes to stopping Hydra. Still, as I said last week, anticipating that Skye centered episode of the season this season. That aside, it was exciting to see Donnie Gill return! What did you think?

19 Kids & Counting (TLC)
Episodes 14.09 & 14.10 "Duggars in Cuffs" & "Duggar Derby"

On a triple date, Jim Bob had the bright idea to have the young couples cuffed, challenging them each to use one hand and serve each other since giving is better than receiving. A great lesson on having a giving attitude and understanding sacrifice. That wasn't the only challenge though. There was also an obstacle course and shooting an arrow (remember, they're handcuffed and each only have one free hand). I loved that there were mixed feelings about doing these challenges (embarrassment being one of them) even though they all knew that it would be beneficial as the messages Jim Bob and Michelle were trying to convey mattered. It's relatable, parents having their children doing the most bizarre things that actually, surprisingly really mean something special.

Next, Michelle and Johanna have a mother-daughter day. Jana chaperones Jessa and Ben while they take the little ones out to an arcade. And Jim Bob and the guys set up for their mini car race. So... not as interesting maybe as the first episode this week but it was still exciting to see what everyone was up to!

New Girl (FOX) - Episode 4.04 "Micro"

I giggled quite a bit during this episode. At Jess trying to prove how shallow the guys were and how different she was from them. At Schmidt and Coach competing to be the best model to get a gig through CeCe's modeling contacts. Though I didn't outright laugh aloud and in the first two seasons, my face hurt so much from laughing at just one episode.

Season three was good but not as good as one and two. So far, season four isn't coming off as strong as any of the previous seasons but I know what this show is capable of and it still is entertaining, so I'm not going anywhere yet.

The Mindy Project (FOX) - Episode 3.04 "I Slipped"

"Who is Hilary? Sometimes I think you're just making people up!" - Mindy

Wow! Well. We all knew a sex episode had to come sooner or later and it came sooner. After Danny "slips" in the bedroom, Mindy makes it a point to become more open minded and this brings one of the most hysterical, risqué episode of Mindy ever. Meanwhile, Danny doesn't even realize the holes he continues to keep digging himself deeper into. This episode was hilarious. Easily one of the funniest episodes of not just the season but the series.

Episode 1.01 "Jasper Needs Zombies"

Okay, so, I thought I'd be really into this show but it's just one big hot mess. Maybe this movie will turn out to be a cult classic if it ever gets finished but I just cannot subject myself to watching a show about a movie that's been filming for six years due to the amateurs behind it. No thanks. Good luck and I'll watch the movie when it's done but I'll pass on this super awesome seemingly never ending documentary about it.

Photo Credit: Cate Cameron/The CW

Arrow (The CW) - Episode 3.01 "The Calm"

"And I've already seen you shirtless. Multiples times... all the time." - Felicity

Whoa! Quite a few things to talk about here. First, how many people had deja vu and thought they were in an episode of NBC's Chuck for a moment? That scene with Felicity and guest star, Brandon Routh (Superman Returns). Second, it seems Sara is dead. Like, dead dead. Is anyone else actually happy about that? Will this leave room for Laurel to take her place and become the Black Canary that we all know and love?

And lastly, THAT KISS. That kiss, that kiss, that kiss! The one we've all been waiting for! Happened! This week! Oh yea! Felicity and Oliver kissed! And and and Oliver said to her, "Don't ask me to say that I don't love you." Oh my gosh! Cue the squeeing. I am so ready to see where they take this relationship this season and what that means for the job and Felicity's safety and oh my gosh, they kissed!

The Middle (ABC) - Episode 6.03 "Major Anxiety"

This week, Brick wants to become popular and seeks advice from the family. Oh my. Frankie and Mike's reactions were hilarious! Though this wasn't a very memorable episode compared to others that I laughed aloud to all the way through. Solid episode but nothing outstanding just at this point.

Modern Family (ABC) - Episode 6.03 "The Cold"

Claire has a cold and Phil discovers it's all his fault! Ha! Watching him try to cover up his misfortune was hysterical! Meanwhile, Mitchell hosted a playdate between Lily and a friend and finds his parenting hasn't been as top notch as he thinks... that is until he finds out Lily's friend has a photographic memory! Ha ha! Oh! Oh! And then Haley is faced with the realization that she doesn't always have the upper hand. That was so funny! She was so genuinely confused! Oh, Haley. This episode was hysterical. I can't believe this show is still so fresh and laugh out loud funny six seasons in but I'm so happy that it is.

BLACK-ISH (ABC) - Episode 1.03 "The Nod"

When Dre realizes that his son, Andre has no black friends, he goes on a desperate mission to change that and make sure his son is cultured. Comedy ensues and boy oh boy did I laugh at every moment. I can't even begin to tell you how much resonated with me with this storyline. While Dre is working Andre, Rainbow is busy trying to get her youngest daughter, Diane to strive to become a doctor just like her. Oh, the joys of following in someone's footsteps instead of finding one's own path. Hahaha. That aside, this was a ridiculously hilarious episode and I can't wait to see what happens next week!

Episode 1.04 "There's No Place Like Homecoming"

"I seriously want to hug you right now!" - Leo

"You'll get over it." - Nurse Jackson

The kids got out this week, some to the movies, some to homecoming. Both of which were "normal" and familiar but still so very different after going through what each of them has gone through. In a sense holding onto the past or going back to the way things used to be when you can never really do that.

I loved that in the midst of that this was about strength and redemption but I think on the strength side, it moreeo lent itself to having the strength to stand in your reality today and accepting it. Not accepting it to surrender to it but accepting it to figure out what different steps you need to take to do what you want to do. Because you can do what you want to do, you just have to get there differently than before. Another great episode. This is seriously becoming one of my favorite shows this season. It has such heart! I love, love, love this show.

Photo Credit: FX

American Horror Story: Freak Show (FX)
Episode 4.01 "Monsters Among Us"

I can't believe I'm saying this but I don't think the season premiere was freaky enough! I think they totally held back and have a whole bunch of craziness they are saving up for the rest of the season. It was more bizarre and twisted than the freaky I expected. What do you think? Also, I love Kathy Bates but as of right now, her character is all over the place and I am not a fan. You?

The Vampire Diaries (The CW) - Episode 6.02 "Yellow Ledbetter"

Damon and Bonnie find themselves in Mystic Falls in May 10, 1994 and that was way more interesting than watching Elena try to rid herself of her Damon memories. At one point, I thought things were going to go a certain way in which what Elena was doing affected Damon and Bonnie and that reminded me of an episode of Charmed (if you know the episode I'm talking about, you are an awesome person). But it didn't go that route, at least not in this hour. Maybe next week? Or maybe it will go an entirely new direction. Who knows. Anyway, watching the two reliving the same day all over again was exciting, as mundane as it was for them ha ha. And I can't wait to find out who the other person is that is there in that point of time with them.

Even though watching Elena rid herself of the good Damon memories, of her romantic relationship with him, was boring to me... now it's going to get exciting once Caroline finds out. Because we all know Caroline won't stand for that. And whoa! Colin Ferguson's character is a from a founding family and he's up to killing vamps! Seems like a step backwards, like we're going back in time to a previous season's storyline but the writers have proven time and time again that they know what they're doing so I trust whatever this is leading up to.

The Biggest Loser (NBC) - Episode 16.05 "Sidelined"

The red line came into play this episode which I was very happy about. I liked the competition that led up to the elimination as well. There's nothing else noteworthy to mention here. Just happy to see these people doing what needs to be done to change and save their lives.

Grey's Anatomy (ABC) - Episode 11.03 "Got to Be Real"

Lots of interesting power plays in this episode! Interesting. Also, after digging for the truth, Meredith must finally come to terms with the fact that she indeed does have another sister.'s becoming more and more real for her. Meanwhile, Webber already knew the truth and finally confronts it... and his daughter is not to happy about the time it took do this. Not so much the amount of time it took but why it took time in the first place. The why. That's got to hurt. Let's see how this continues to play out into next week!

Photo Credit: ABC

Scandal (ABC) - Episode 4.03 "Inside the Bubble"

It was great to see Sonya Walger (Lost) guest star on this episode! Talk about secrets and deception! Even better? Olivia's father. What's the deal with him being all nice? Huh. Anyway, while this episode doesn't standout among the rest, it was another solid, entertaining episode.

GRACEPOINT (FOX) - Episode 2

Solid episode for what it was trying to accomplish. Kind of filler though which all led up to the cliffhanger which we all saw coming anyway. I don't want to ay that this episode was unnecessary since nothing really happened because that's what happens in real cases, often, but for TV viewing, this episode was kind of dry. Thoughts?

Parenthood (NBC) - Episode 6.03 "The Waiting Room"

In this episode, Drew went with Amber to support her as she told Ryan that she's pregnant and she wants to set boundaries until Ryan's ready to be a father. Julia told Joel she was seeing someone else. Zeek had his surgery. There was Hank drama. And there was awesome background music that almost made me want to cry. What an incredibly poignant episode. So simple yet so moving. Man, this final season is going to wreck me.

Episode 1.03 "Smile, or Go to Jail"

The students create an alibi - the bonfire - for their crime. Meanwhile, Keating's latest case involves guest star, Ana Ortiz (Ugly Betty) which was great to see. Although the case was pretty standard and didn't really provide much to get excited about. I was more interested in the kids and 1) what they were doing to cover up their own crime and 2) the lengths they went to solve the main one. Good stuff!

Haven (Syfy) - Episode 5.05 "The Old Switcheroo"

Anyone else crack up laughing when Due spelled out the B word when talking about Mara? Speaking of Mara... yay to Audrey having all of the control when Mara sleeps! Woot! But Mara's smart so her pretending to be Audrey? It was only a matter of time. Yeah?

What an awesome trouble released this week! What do you think of Vince and Dave's body swap? Dwight swaps too! That was funny! Oh! And Nathan and Duke! When Audrey and Duke were talking about their kiss! Ah! And Nathan finds out about their kiss without Audrey knowing that Nathan is in Duke's body and THAT is how Nathan is finding out about the kiss! Whoa! Next week is going to be something else! I can't believe an hour went by so quickly and am so excited to see this story pick back up next week. Also, I'm hoping the time change (Fridays at 7/6c) doesn't mean what I think it means. Please, no! #Paranoid.

Z NATION (Syfy) - Episode 1.05 "Home Sweet Zombie"

The crew finds themselves in Illinois and are comfy with an electric fence around a home until a tornado nears and the power goes out. This leads to Warren taking them to her home (without their knowledge up until they are there), in search for her husband. Well, she was finally reunited with her husband in the form of an angel, really. Got to admire someone who does whatever it takes to stay connected with love. With hope. With everything worth living for when there's nothing left in a zombie apocalypse. Well, she got her dose of hope. Even if she never found out what became of her husband. Which, she should know by now has turned into a zombie like all of the other firefighters but... you know. Hope.

Meanwhile, Murphy, the only person with the hope of the cure finds himself slowly turning. Slowly getting the symptoms of zombie without actually having turned. What, what? When will he tell the crew? They need to know! He's a danger to them all, he really shouldn't keep that to himself. He could completely turn at any moment and then may not be of use to anyone! What do you think? Last but not least, loved the Sharknado reference!

Premieres Next Week (October 12, 2014 - October 18, 2014)
The Walking Dead (AMC) Sunday, October 12, 2014
Talking Dead (AMC) Sunday, October 12, 2014
Comic Book Men (AMC) Sunday, October 12, 2014

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

TV Talk: Face Off Episode 7.12 "Off With Their Heads"

Photo Credit: Brett-Patrick Jenkins

We got a foundation challenge this week! Woo! Almost forgot about those for a second there. Anyway, this foundation challenge brought in special guest judge, Michele Burke (Oblivion)! Awesome! I loved hearing what she was specifically looking forward to in their work. And if you're familiar with her work, hearing what she was looking forward was so her. Loved it. So, the challenge was to create one of Medusa's victims turning into stone. WHAT. So flippin' cool! Dina, George, and Stella were my favorites. The winner, Stella, got her very own spray booth. WHAT. Even more awesome! You guys. Everything about this challenge screamed awesome. Bravo, this week. Job well done. Loved this foundation challenge. It's perhaps going to be my favorite of this season and we've still got a few weeks left.

As for the spotlight challenge? They had to reimagine a greek god - using their powers as inspiration for a supernatural character. Stella chose Poseidon. Drew picked Hades. Dina chose Aphrodite and for some reason, I am not at all surprised by her choice. Cig chose Apollo. George picked Zeus. Sasha chose Athena. I'm bummed no one picked Artemis! Oh well. So keeping up with the life and death theme this season, they also had to create a severed head of a mythological monster conquered by their greek god. WHAT. How could this challenge get any more cool?

Based on the design phase, I was highly anticipating George, Dina and Cig's designs. Sasha was struggling again this week. Sasha. I didn't want to see you go but seeing you get more distressed each week was stressing me out. Her time was coming. But it's fantastic that she made it this far because she is so talented. George was a bottom look with Sasha and I that makes sense as I liked his severed head more than his greek god. Better luck with the overall execution next week!

The top looks? Actor, Scott Wilson (The Walking Dead) helped judge this week's spotlight challenge! How fitting during a severed head week. Cig's look was fantastic. As was Dina's. As was Stella's. No surprise that Dina was THE top look this week. Way to go, Dina! Hers was gorgeous! Absolutely divine! Who was your favorite look this week?

Face Off airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Syfy.