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TV Talk: Week in Review '14 - '15 #27

Reviews for Spring TV Shows Which Aired
March 22-28, 2015

* New series in CAPS
* Reviews May Contain Spoilers

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Once Upon a Time (ABC) - Episode 4.16 "Poor Unfortunate Soul"
This week's episode was great as we got some backstory on Ursula which again makes me want to say how much I absolutely love, love, freaking LOVE the world building and character development and complete immersion of these fairy tales available for the writers to use which is A LOT since... Disney. But The origin stories are just absolutely fabulous and this is yet another prime example of such. I loved this episode for Ursula's story alone.

Regina still playing both sides was interesting but God, I just love character specific episodes. The Red Riding Hood one way back when is what really made me fall in love with this show. Anyway, Ursula plus the return of JoAnna Garcia Swisher?! And then that ending!!! Finding out that the author is trapped inside the book?! Long story short, if this is still on your DVR or in your Hulu queue, get to it!

The Walking Dead (AMC) - Episode 5.15 "Try"
Check out my recap and review of this week's episode over on

Episodes 1.05 "Dunk the Skunk" & 1.06 "Some Friggin' Fat Guy"

Check out my review of this week's episodes here.

SCORPION (CBS) - Episode 1.19 "Young Hearts Spark Fire"
This week's episode reminded me of the two part Grey's Anatomy plane crash finale a few years back. Simply because that was the last compelling episode on TV that I've seen with a plane crash if my memory serves correct. Anyway, it was so great seeing the team under pressure in a wildfire where a number of strangers depended on them to get out. I loved how challenging this was for everyone on the team. I loved getting more of Sylvester's backstory. I loved the tension between Happy and Toby. I've said it before but I really do absolutely love the comedic timing on this show. This week's episode was great!

Castle (ABC) - Episode 7.18 "At Close Range"
Well, this episode was another dud for me. It was solid but it didn't wow me or stand out as memorable this season. The procedural episodes that aren't all that captivating to begin with even if they are written well but the specific story just doesn't connect with me (talk about subjectivity)... if there's not even a hint of a serialized storyline, an overarching something to keep me at least hooked on and anticipating that... then we're left with a pretty boring hour of TV.

The season started off strong and then from there it was a bit of a roller coaster with highs and lows and right now a steep low since I don't even remember the last time the serialized story line for this season was brought up. I get the language of the show, I like the language of the show but the routine of how this show works is old news to me. I'm kind of over it. But I don't want to stop watching the show. So I'm kind of stuck in a hard place right now.

I love so many things that the show has done this season but there's more decent episodes than absolutely amazing episodes and I'm not asking Castle to be any other show but I am asking them to remind me each week why I enjoy this show so much and not just with the witty dialogue. Story matters too. The world of Castle, I love but bring it up a notch. Take a look at past seasons, see what you did right and level up. If the show gets picked up for an 8th season, I don't think I'll be talking about it each week but I'll still be watching. What about you?

Photo Credit: Syfy

Face Off (Syfy) - Episode 8.11 "Imaginary Friends"

Champion Teams:
Team Rayce: Adam, Anthony, Rob, Logan, and Regina
Team Anthony: Kelly, Alan, Ben, Daniel, and Jamie
Team Laura: Darla, Julian, Emily, Gregory, and Stephanie

Check out last week's review here.

This week, the artists met host, McKenzie Westmore at Brookside Park in Pasadena for their spotlight challenge which involved kids! I loved when Face Off first brought on kids seasons back for a challenge and I am always excited to see when they bring back my favorite challenges and/or elements of my favorite challenges from the past.

So, the challenge? Work with kids to bring their imaginary friends to life as a whimsical character. The kids would be coming to the reveal stage as well to see their imaginary friends come to life. If you thought the judges were nerve wracking, Ha ha ha wait until a kid judges you.

Julian's kid had possibly the most exciting imaginary friend... a half zombie. Though going into the lab, his mentor, Laura was understandably concerned since the imaginary friend needed to be kid friendly. Darla's kid had an imaginary friend with a sparkly diamond face which was a great challenge for Darla. Ben's kid had an imaginary friend with 3 heads and a bunch of other wild stuff going on. Logan's kid had a mermaid as an imaginary friend. Adam's kid had a dragon like imaginary friend and the kid was really entertaining if I do say so myself. I loved how well these two connected. Emily's kid had a bunny as an imaginary friend. Emily was super excited about this challenge and the non-existent boundaries of kid imaginations. Talk about a fun challenge!

Though it was as someone said in the lab, a huge undertaking. This was a great challenge for sure. In the lab, Rayce was not impressed with what Logan had so far. Then there's Emily who had a severe case of being homesick. Girl better cry it out, suck it up, and get back into the lab. She could win this entire competition. Chin up, girl. Ain't nobody got time for that! Back to work so you can win this thing! At last looks, Ben wasn't finished when the time ran out. He was nervous, understandably so.

Then came the reveal stage. Julian's kid friendly beat boxing zombie was awesome even though it felt more like a beat boxing skeleton. And the kids loved it! Darla's kid was mesmerized by the imaginary friend and said it was amazing. I thought it was pretty great. Not my absolute favorite but still great. Emily's bunny was absolutely adorable. I loved it and the kid liked it too! Ben's kid said, "Looks good" and laughed when his imaginary friend came out. I didn't love it but the kid was happy. Julian's makeup was probably my least favorite. Then there's Adam who's imaginary character I think belongs in the movie, Monsters, Inc.

My favorites were Julian, Adam, and Emily with Darla being safe. I wasn't really feeling Logan or Ben. Emily and Logan were safe. The judges loved Darla and Adam with the winner being Adam (Yes!!!!) and the bottom looks were Ben and Julian. I didn't want either to go home but based on this challenge, I was fine with Ben being eliminated, which he was. With Ben eliminated, Team Anthony was officially out of the game. Bummer! But I was always rooting for Team Laura anyway so... not that much of a bummer.

Face Off airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Syfy.

Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/FOX

The Mindy Project (Fox) - Episode 3.21 "Best Man" (Season Finale)
I loved everything about this episode. Especially the surprise baby shower and Morgan bringing Mindy's sexual partners to the shower! Oh my God! It seems Morgan is always in the wrong place at the wrong time doing the wrong thing with the right intentions. Oh, my. I am dying laughing at BJ Novak making a cameo here. Oh my God. I loved Morgan's Mamma Mia and The Bachelorette references! Ha! And Laura Dern! What a pleasant surprise!

Best of all though? Danny going to India to introduce himself to Mindy's parents and declare his love for her?! Wow. Fantastic ending! Best season finale of the series so far. Truly fantastic. I loved this episode so much! Here are my favorite quotes from this episode:

1. "You're not that busy, you're taking a gift wrapping class." - Morgan

2. "Okay, whatever you do, do not talk to any white people. In Boston, they're the dangerous ones." - Mindy

3. "I want you to love me in a way that I can show on Instagram." - Mindy

Cougar Town (TBS) - Episode 6.12 "A Two Story Town"
This week was a complete miss for me. I didn't find anything memorable about this episode. It was sweet that it was more Tom centered again but this one was just a complete pass for me. It bored me and I didn't laugh out loud once Bummer. What did you think?

Photo Credit: Photo: Katie Yu/The CW

Arrow (The CW) - Episode 3.17 "Suicidal Tendencies"
Great episode! I loved that Ray found out that Oliver is the Arrow. I love the direction the season is going now, especially with the town thinking that Arrow is a stone cold killer right now. Yikes! I also found Diggle and Lyla's Suicide Squad themed honeymoon hahaha to be quite an adventure. Again, great episode. Really looking forward to next week.

The Middle (ABC) - Episode 6.17 "The Waiting Game"
Knowing that Sue was going to be okay no matter what college she got accepted to, I found great pleasure in watching Mike get caught singing in his car. What a different side of Mike! That was awesome. Easily one of my favorite moments of the season. Axl coming home for spring break and Brick not having any of it, that was super relatable and funny to see.

Modern Family (ABC) - Episode 6.18 "Spring Break"
Okay, so, I didn't laugh out loud until 11 minutes in ("Break a paw" got the loudest laugh) but I did find the episode as a whole to be funny and memorable. I mean, what's funnier than Phil trying to succeed at something, failing, and seeing not just someone but his own son do it better?

Black-ish (ABC) - Episode 1.17 "30 Something"
Dre freaking out over being cool at his 40th birthday brought for yet another hilarious episode. I admit, I wasn't exactly laughing out loud on this one. It was funny but it's always ten times funnier when you can relate. And I can't as a twenty something. But funny enough, seeing Jermaine Dupri in this episode made me realized how old I've gotten and how much music has changed over the years. Anyway, it was fun watching the family try to figure out what to get Dre for his birthday. So, solid episode! Looking forward to next week.

Grey's Anatomy (ABC) - Episode 11.17 "With or Without You"
Two things. 1) How disgusting was the leech storyline? Ahhh! That was amazing!! Two. Meredith and Derek are solid! Derek walked away from the path of infidelity. Go, Derek! I am so happy to see that he did that! Great episode! Excited to see what the writers have in store for us as this season begins to come to a close.

Scandal (ABC) - Episode 4.17 "Put a Ring on It"
Solid episode though I wasn't blown away. It seemed like filler? Dare I say. Ahh. But it was still great! What did you think?

Photo Credit: Richard Foreman/The CW

Hart of Dixie (The CW) - Episode 4.10 "Bluebell" (Series Finale)
Well. Here we are at the series finale of Hart of Dixie. I knew it was coming, it just came up so fast! It's here. For some reason, I had it in my head that we had 3 more episodes but no, the finale was this week and I loved it so much. The series finale was everything. It was absolutely perfect.

I love that we started on the morning of Lemon's engagement party (talk about a throw back or bringing things full circle) and she asks Zoe to be a bridesmaid! My oh my how Lemon has grown over the seasons. I love that it was so genuine and it wasn't rushed and Lemon is happy and in love and loving in a way that she never has been before. Being in love will do that to you. For Lemon, it's for the better. And it was lovely to see. Even after she found out that she hijacked Zoe's proposal, she was still easy to talk to and it all worked out since she still got engaged that night anyway to the man she loves and to a man who loves her back, both of them ready to make that leap.

I absolutely loved, loved, loved the cameo appearance by Autumn Reeser! That was an awesome The O.C. reunion. It's great to see how these ladies have grown into such fabulous ladies. Crickett announcing that she's moving in with her girlfriend was great to see.

Breeland officially making a Zoe a partner in the practice, now called Breeland & Hart Associates...don't mind me wiping the tears from my eyes. This was probably my favorite moment of the finale. A close second? Zoe parting with her NY shoes. This was a big deal. So much so that I could probably write an entire essay about it but I'll spare you and skip to saying that I also loved that she gave the shoes to Rose who was accepted into Columbia University.

Photo Credit: Photo: Richard Foreman/The CW

Best comedic moment of the finale? Zoe saying, "This is your moment!" to Lemon right before her water breaks. Ha! Talk about laughing out loud. The writers nailed it. Zoe wanting to get married in the hospital right before giving birth...seems so fitting for Zoe and I say that in the most genuine, sweet way possible and it was so true to something that this character would do, I loved it. I'm not really one for corny things like flash mobs but I did enjoy the random one at the end of the finale since the actors were looking directly into the camera and it was just them dancing and having fun. So, great way to end the season, the series. This finale made me smile so much.

I am really, really, really going to miss this show. I remember when I saw the promos for this show before it ever premiered and thought, "Man, I really love Rachel Bilson but this show just does not seem like something I'd enjoy." I brushed the show off because of its terrible promos which did not translate the heart of this show well but deep down I knew that there had to be something amazing about this show because I was familiar with the names of the writers attached. So I went to Netflix and watched the entire first season. And I loved it so much.

I am SO glad that I dove into this series because it's made me feel every single emotion possible, it's made me laugh out loud so, so many times, made me smile, made me angry, made me so many things. I loved spending time in Bluebell once a week and am so sad that it's over. But I'm so grateful that it was. For four incredible seasons. Fantastic series. Everyone involved should be very proud of the work they did here.

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YA Runs A 5K 2015 is Here!

I've been a bit absent this month give or take a few TV reviews, my movie history, a look at the top ten books on my Spring TBR list, and a killer list if I do say so myself of the top 25 YA books I've read in the past 3 years. Today, I'm so happy to announce that YA Runs A 5K is back for a second year!

Last year was such a success that I decided an encore was needed. Sort of. Last July, we raised over $3,400 for First Book and ran The Color Run 5k as well as donated almost 100 books to the Free Library of Philadelphia. This year, we're raising money for We Need Diverse Books (the goal is $5,000), running/walking The Super Run in Philly this June (be sure to register under Team YA Runs A 5K), and donating books to a local library. I'm debating on whether it will be my local county library or my former high school's library, both are about a half hour outside of Philly. I donate a ton to my local library and not often enough to my former HS so I am leaning towards the latter.

Anyway, I am SO excited because authors and agents are so graciously giving signed books and writing critiques to those who donate! Epic Reads is also giving away a book bundle! I'm giving away a $100 kindle gift card with that bundle. It's just a big celebration of giving and diversity and living and reading and I am so happy we're here again.

If you feel moved to donate, run in Philly or run locally where you are, and/or spread the word (#YARunsA5K), know that I am eternally grateful! Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who made last year a success, encouraged me to do it again, and all of those who are making this second round possible. It really does mean so much to me.

Thank you!!!

Also, stay tuned for my book reviews next month of Duplicity by N.K. Traver, All the Rage by Courtney Summers, Vendetta by Catherine Doyle, Steelheart and Firefight by Brandon Sanderson, and Marvel The Avengers Vault among others!

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TV Talk: Advance Review of The Last Man On Earth Episode 1.05 “Dunk the Skunk” and Episode 1.06 “Some Friggin’ Fat Guy”

In “Dunk the Skunk,” Phil tries to get Carol and Melissa on board with Phil trying to repopulate with Melissa as well. It's amazing the lengths guys will go through to have sex and the patience most of them magically seem to have when sex is a factor. While I did think that Phil crying to Carol with this "dilemma" was much too over the top than it needed to be even for entertainment purposes, the episode as a whole was something else and I'm glad that Phil is indeed not the last man on earth now, as we meet Todd (Mel Rodriguez, Enlisted) at the end of the episode.

I'm hoping this will make Phil re-evaluate the repopulation duty as something more civilized and not something more for his own personal gain. Woman bear children but they also bear a lot more...because we were built to. So it comes as no surprise that Phil is the selfish, immature one in this entire situation. Of course, they could come across an immature, selfish woman but even she would come around quicker than Phil, even if she didn't admit it right away. Carol and Melissa are there to keep Phil on the right side of the lane and steer him back onto it when he gets a bit carried away and there's no one better to do the job than those two.

As for Todd? I can't wait to see what Todd brings to this new world because the dynamic changes for the better in more ways than one for the world and Phil and Carol every time a new character is introduced. Great introduction by the way! Leave it to Phil to conduct fireworks and unknowingly lead a guy who's seen his "Alive in Tuscon" messages right to them! Phil's messages across the U.S. were not just a cry for community and a symbol of hope for the world but a symbol of hope for Phil in not giving up in himself and being the best person that he can be to keep humanity alive. We know all the time Phil spent on that seed of hope so we know that there's a guy with heart underneath all of that shallow exterior. And seeing Phil being forced to challenge the very seed of the idea that he planted all over the nation is really something special to see each week.

That's not to say that you won't be repulsed by some of the things that come out of Phil's mouth. Building a new world is not always pretty and exhibit A is Phil. His heart is kind of ugly and that's made even more evident by the fat comments he makes about and to Todd in the next episode, “Some Friggin’ Fat Guy.” As far as Phil's character development goes, it's super slow and steady and if you can hang for that, I think it will be worth it. I think Carol and Melissa and Todd and whoever else they all come into contact with are chipping away the gunk around Phil's heart and tearing down what doesn't matter to help remind Phil what does.

It's uncomfortable, yes. But it's smart writing and certainly a thought provoking mirror of some of the people in this world. It's a scary look at the people that could indeed be the last people on earth and what needs to change in order for us to not be those people or embody those characteristics and so forth. Phil is really quite an interesting character study, I'd say. Perhaps the most interesting of the "unlikable" characters on TV right now. There's so much depth here. So I'm just as excited as I was when the show premiered to see the next episode. How about you?

Watch two new back to back episodes of The Last Man On Earth TONIGHT at 9/8c only on Fox.

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TV Talk: Week in Review '14 - '15 #26

Reviews for Spring TV Shows Which Aired
March 15-21, 2015

* New series in CAPS
* Reviews May Contain Spoilers

Note: I will not be reviewing iZombie due to time constraints but I have reviewed the Pilot below.

Once Upon a Time (ABC) - Episode 4.15 "Enter the Dragon"
Okay, so, I wasn't all that captivated by this week's episode but I will say that it was a bit stressful and exciting watching Regina be a spy, calculating the situation and manipulating it to her advantage by playing the villains and pretending to still be one of them. Yes, please! That and the flashbacks were about all that intrigued me. What did you think?

The Walking Dead (AMC) - Episode 5.14 "Spend"
Seeing Glenn go on a run again was the most exciting thing I've seen in I don't know how long on this show. I loved when they got caught in the revolving doors! I hated that Noah died! But I love love love how fast we come to love these characters only to lose them just as quickly.

I hate that Gabriel tried to play out the group, saying they can't be trusted and they're dangerous! I can't with Gabriel! I loved that Maggie was a bit of an all knowing observer, soaking it in and knowing when to just be still. I loved Carol being harassed by the cookie monster. Ha! That kid is a nail in her side. And yes, Eugene finally stepped up to the plate this week! Way to go! Good start.

Photo Credit: Jordin Althaus/FOX

THE LAST MAN ON EARTH (Fox) - Episode 1.04 "Sweet Melissa"
This show is so incredibly funny, oh my goodness. I loved that after Phil and Carol ran into another survivor, Melissa, Phil finally cleaned his look up, shaving the beard and all of that. Raisin ball being a running joke? Love it. Melissa's last name being Shart? Oh My God. Dying laughing at Phil saying that is a beautiful name.

Phil wanting to get out of his marriage so that he could have a shot with Melissa but backing out when he saw Carol lay on the innocent charm... loved! Carol has her priorities straight and she's a decent human being and I love Carol's innocent actions, the smallest of things reminding Phil what really matters. Another stellar episode from my favorite new comedy of this TV season. So excited for next week!

Castle (ABC) - Episode 7.17 "Hong Kong Hustle"
While this week's episode at least captivated me for the entire hour, it wasn't a memorable episode in the grand scheme of things. This season has been really hit or miss and this was a miss for me. Maybe next week will be better? I did love seeing Beckett have some real competition for once, at least in her head ha ha. That was entertaining. But aside from Pass.

Face Off (Syfy) - Episode 8.10 "Super Selfies"
Check out my review of this week's episode here.

Photo Credit: The CW

IZOMBIE (The CW) - Series Premiere
First, I loved the opening credit sequence. Way to go there. It's probably my favorite new opening sequence of this TV season. Second, oh my goodness, how much fun is this show?! It's so much fun! Fun characters. Exciting premise that doesn't take itself too seriously. I don't remember the last time I had so much fun watching a one hour drama. Like fun. FUN. The tone lives, breathes, dies, and eats fun. I cannot wait to kick back and watch this show every week.

I also loved seeing Malcolm Goodwin and Rahul Kohli on the show. I've said it before and I'll say it again, The CW (ABC Family, and Syfy) are pretty much the most diverse channels on TV right now and have been for years. Props for keeping it up! Also, it was great to see Aly Michalka (Hellcats) back on The CW, back on the small screen really. Though I'd really like a full length album from her and her sister...just saying. Anyway, awesome Pilot episode. Looking forward to an awesome season.

The Mindy Project
Episode 3.20 "What to Expect When You're Expanding"

"Well, I'm not gonna say that I'm prettier than Giselle but there is a quality in my face that I think is kind of more appealing." - Mindy

When Mindy needs a makeover to attend Peter's wedding, she gets help from Tamra's cousin, Sheena played by guest star Laverne Cox (Orange is the New Black). It was fun to see Laverne in a straight comedy. She did great. Meanwhile, Jeremy wants a girlfriend bad and enlists the help of the wrong people ha ha. Oh, man. This week was pretty funny. Very entertaining that's for sure. Ha! There really was quite a lot going on in this episode and it was all great. From "Bye, Felicia!" to Julia Stiles and Cristin Milioti. It was all great! Great, great, great! I love Cristin on this show. Do I smell a recurring character on this show? Because I'm already in love!

Arrow (The CW) - Episode 3.16 "The Offer"
This week was solid though it didn't wow me. Oliver had quite the job offer on his hands and of course everyone was, understandably, freaking out about it. And it looks like the consequences of him going down this path have already begun. Should be interesting. We'll see!

Cougar Town (TBS) - Episode 6.11 "Climb That Hill"
"You would rather fight a bear than read a book?" - Laurie

"Yeah, well, in a bear fight, at least I'd have a chance." - Jules

Laurie being a secret bookworm is the most lovely pieces of character development of the entire season. Grayson not knowing any facts about anybody, even Jules was just as hysterical. I tune out a lot but he does times one hundred and it brings for quite the laughs so often so it was great to see this honed in one this week. Andy trying not to have his hand in his pants all of the time since their kid is doing the same thing at school...ha! So much funny in this episode. Loved it.

The Vampire Diaries (The CW) - Episode 6.17 "A Bird in a Gilded Cage"
"Okay, so I've got a few. You ready?" - Alaric

"Actually, I thought about it and anyone named Alaric should not be allowed to name another human." - Jo

"Uh - I didn't name me!" - Alaric

Damon gets Bonnie and Kai to help him get his mom back from the prison world so that she can turn Stefan's humanity back on. That was stupid. Damon knows how Bonnie feels about Kai not to mention why his mom is in the prison world. Of course mom was going to have something up her sleeve. C'mon, Damon. Is this really the only way you could try to get Damon's humanity back on? This reasoning to go to the prison world felt weak to me. Aside from that, I loved seeing the turmoil Bonnie had over Kai. It's so genuine, I love it.

Then there's Damon and Caroline. Caroline was much more convincing this week but I still had a problem. I have no interest in hearing Caroline sing. Do you? At least we got to see Caroline and Damon make out! Yes!

Grey's Anatomy (ABC) - Episode 11.16 "Don't Dream It's Over"
After last week's amazing episode, I was really looking forward to seeing what would happen this week. Well, it was interesting and good and moving but it didn't blow me away. But yes, Team MerDer!

Scandal (ABC) - Episode 4.16 "It's Good to Be Kink"
This episode was fantastic! I loved Lena Dunham's guest appearance and Brian J. White's surprise guest appearance. Every time I see Brian I think of Moonlight. Anyway, some great monologues this week from Abby and Lena's character. Cyrus is so over it all and unraveling and holding it together and man, I can't wait to see what becomes of him when his whole world eventually comes crumbling down. I don't want to see Cyrus in such a state necessarily but it's going to happen eventually and it's going to be quite something!

I loved that Olivia still has PTSD. PTSD is not temporary so it's great to see that this emotional snake around Olivia's throat is still holding on tight because boy does it ever. That bathroom scene broke my heart. I also loved the scene with Huck and Rosen dealing with guilt and home when Huck knew that he killed Lena's character and Rosen completely oblivious. The things that man doesn't know. The things he doesn't want to know. Shouldn't know. Can't know. Oh, man. The things. This show is amazing. That is all.

Hart of Dixie (The CW) - Episode 4.09 "End of Days"
Okay, so the beginning of this week's episode was super corny. I didn't know if I was watching an episode of the last season of Cougar Town or if I were indeed watching Hart of Dixie. But it seems Hart of Dixie isn't afraid to go out there too so... I was on board for awhile but it just seemed too silly for me. This was easily my least favorite episode of the final season. That said, I thought what the omens did to the town made for somewhat interesting conflicts for the main character and then it got really interesting when Zoe's proposal spot for Wade turned into Lavon's accidental proposal to Lemon! Goodness!

I'm looking forward to seeing what developments are made for Zoe and Wade in the series finale next week. The baby being born seems to be the big event next week but that itself doesn't tie everything in a neat knot so looking forward to seeing what else the writers have in store for us. It was also pretty sad to say goodbye to George as he moved out of Bluebell to move forward in his music career. Something tells me he'll be fine and he'll be back in Bluebell eventually, maybe to retire. Who knows. Speaking of the future, I really hope the show doesn't flash forward next week. Only time will tell. And I'm not going to rant about The CW calling next week's series finale a season finale when they pretty much know it's a series finale. That's not cool. But let me stop while I'm ahead. What did you think of this week's episode?

Photo Credit: Tyler Golden/FOX

Glee (Fox) - Series Finale "2009" and "Dreams Come True"
I'm not ready to talk about Glee right now. I will write a separate post next week and will link it here when it's up. For now, I want to say huge thank you to the Gleeks who listened to Gleek Squad Podcast back in the day before Glee premiered. Good times!

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TV Talk: Face Off Episode 8.10 "Super Selfies"

Photo Credit: Syfy

Champion Teams:
Team Rayce: Adam, Anthony, Rob, Logan, and Regina
Team Anthony: Kelly, Alan, Ben, Daniel, and Jamie
Team Laura: Darla, Julian, Emily, Gregory, and Stephanie

Check out last week's review here.

This week, the artists met host, McKenzie Westmore in downtown LA at the Herald Examiner Building to get their spotlight challenge which dealt with... superheroes. They had to transform an ordinary person, themselves, into extraordinary superheroes. Their alter ego so to speak. Now THAT is pretty darn cool. I loved that 1) They had assistants to help them in the lab and 2) They had to act and be their own models on the stage. Pretty nerve–racking all around but my goodness, what a challenge.

The guest judge this week was Image Comics founder and former Marvel artist, Todd McFarlane. My favorites were Ben and Logan with Adam and Julian right behind them as the safe bets. Julian's creation is something I could easily envision seeing on the long since cancelled WB show, Charmed. I wasn't impressed by Darla's and felt bad because she's always so awesome. Stephanie's look I was not at all impressed by but she wasn't thrilled with it either so...and Emily's look was fine but it didn't match the superhero theme as well as it could have.

Julian, Darla, and Ben were safe. The judges's favorites were Logan and Adam with Logan winning the spotlight challenge. Congrats, Logan! Well deserved! The judges's least favorite looks were Emily and Stephanie. Between these two, I thought that Stephanie would go home and she did. But I'm sure we haven't seen the last of her work. Who was your favorite this week?

Face Off airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Syfy.